Why Dashboard?

The essential reason of the Dashboard for Controls is that activity of an expertly introduced AV introduction framework ought to be as simple to work as driving a vehicle.

Standardization on certain essentials of UI plan and distinguishing proof of key AV framework capacities will build certainty that every now and again utilized capacities will “look and feel” like others recently utilized.

We Deliver Solution with
the Goal of Trusting Relationships

Use of Dashboard

The dashboard is a free and open stage for office control and checking that empowers clients to rapidly fabricate novel, customized Custom Panels that make complex tasks basic. The dashboard gives control and checking to several items from in excess of 80 accomplices inside the open Gear and Dashboard Connect environment, its capacity to make application explicit arrangements over this extent of items is the thing that makes Dashboard so unique.

What we do!

For Procaves, As far as we might be concerned, DashBoard is a significant piece of the activity. It empowers us to have the option to do genuinely convoluted things, yet not need to do confounded catch pushes.