Based in Northern Italy at Cassola, Manfrotto designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theatre, live entertainment and video markets. The product line includes an extensive range of camera tripods and heads, lighting stands and accessories.



Our Manfrotto tripod was designed to meet the needs of every photographer. All Manfrotto photography stands combine high quality materials, technological expertise, and innovation with superior Italian design. Manfrotto’s product range tripods with heads, monopods, heads, accessories, and tripod bags provide ideal the support needed to take the perfect shot. Each of these categories includes a wide range of products with differing payloads, lightness, speed and precision, offering a wide range of combinations, so you’re sure to find the kit that best fits your needs. Each product is designed to match every style and type of camera. Manfrotto provides a complete system of solutions, supporting photographers at each stage of their work. Products like camera bags, LED lights, filters and accessories are sure to be the perfect companions for all photographers professional or otherwise, creating the perfect shooting experience.

Befree GT Carbon Fibre

Element MII Aluminium

Befree live Aluminium Video Tripod


monopod offers the same high quality and innovation consolidated through Manfrotto’s experience with its line of photo tripods. The most important qualities in a monopod are compactness, stability and versatility, making the monopod the ideal travel companion. It takes up little space yet offers better support and results than freehand shooting. It’s ideal for sports photographers, who use long and heavy lenses but need move around and reposition themselves quickly, as well as fashion photographers at crowded events with limited range of motion. Manfrotto monopods are compatible with a range of cameras and accessories for tripods and monopods that meet multiple needs. Choose between small, light and compact or larger and sturdy – whatever you choose, you’re sure to get a stable base for your photography equipment.

XPRO 4 section Video Monopod

XPRO 5-Section Photo Monopod

Element Photo Monopod Aluminium


Manfrotto offers the widest and most professional choice of photography lighting to serve the photographic, broadcast and entertainment industries.

Thanks to unrivalled experience in this field, Manfrotto and Lastolite combine revolutionary concepts and innovative design with advanced production technology, offering quality photo lighting products and led photography lights that are unmatched in terms of performance and value. All the needs of the demanding photographer, working either in the studio or on location, are fulfilled by Manfrotto’s comprehensive range of photography lighting equipment, including Lighting Stands, Clamps, Arms & Brackets, Lighting Booms, and Adapters. Each lighting product is manufactured according to strict quality standards, since safety and reliability have always been high-priority values for Manfrotto. Some examples of features aimed at ensuring dependability and safety are air cushioned locking mechanisms, captive lock-off knobs, rust proof dichromatic treated sockets, high efficiency wheel brake shoes, rock-solid stand locking collars, first class quality components in steel, stainless steel and die cast aluminium. Manfrotto guarantees a fast and effective after-sales support, including the availability of spare parts for all our products.

LED Light LYKOS Bicolour

Sky Track Top System 54

Geared Wind-Up Stand

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